Adam Richman, the Brooklyn native who could down almost anything from wildly large burgers to ridiculously oversized burritos, has lost 60 pounds since he left his show, “Man vs. Food,” in January 2012.

Allowing all of us to breathe a sigh of relief for his health, Richman had already been exercising at least twice a day during his show’s production, but going without gluttonous amounts of food has really shown its effects. He says he’s been cutting down on white flour and dairy, while also exercising even more than before, People Magazine reported.

“The crew got a bunch of pizzas, and it was all I could smell,” he told People. “It sucked, but I had a Greek yogurt with raw almonds, water, and an iced coffee, and I was satisfied.”

For Richman, the show was never about being a competitive eater, he said in a 2009 interview. Instead, it was about the way in which a group of friends will take a road trip and stumble across an eatery that has a challenge similar to the ones his show highlighted. “It’s all just a hoot,” he said.

Still, he remembers his “Man vs. Food” days with appreciation, saying that the show was “the biggest career-defining opportunity. I went from anonymity to someone of note with access to amazing eateries.”

In 2009, he said that the most “heartening” thing about the show were the little things. “A boy who has this really serious disease called epidermolysis bullosa, basically his skin blisters and sheers off very easily, and it’s internal as well, so he has a lot of esophageal problems with eating. He watches the show and gets hungry. His parents were baffled because he ran into the kitchen and started eating. They had tears in their eyes because they couldn’t believe it … That is to me a celebration of … how food really manifests itself into the identities of these cities … That kid is able to get from me and the show the sheer joy of chowing down, the humanistic pleasure.”