With a new infographic provided by Addiction-Treatment.com and Fractl, you can now see in which states you’re more likely to get in trouble. The map was created using data collected from the FBI and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). It compares each state per 100,000 annual marijuana arrests, which occur daily for the possession and use of the drug.

According to the infographic below, the least strict state is Massachusetts. In 2012, per 100,000 pot users, only 275 arrests were made in the state, as opposed to the 30,758 arrests in Illinois that same year. These arrests do not necessarily correlate with the laws' level of strictness. If you take a look below, the Northeastern states rank in the bottom 10 for arrests because state officials punish marijuana possession as a civil rather than a criminal offense.

The creators of the map said their reasoning for creating the infographic was to offer a visualization of how the “strictness of DUI and drug law enforcement varies across the United States.” Take a look:

marijuana users
Marijuana arrests per 100,000 users. Addiction-Treatment

There are also infographics on DUI records per 100,000 binge drinkers. The top 10 begins with North Dakota, and the bottom 10 ends with Delaware.

DUI users
DUI per 100,000 citizens Addiction- Treatment