Every single one of us who had a Halloween growing up should remember our parents telling us not to take candy that isn’t packaged or has packaging that’s been tampered with. Well, times haven’t changed. But instead of looking out for tampered candy, parents may need to make sure their kids aren’t picking up marijuana-infused candies, known as edibles.

With recreational and medicinal marijuana use being legal in Colorado now, Denver police have released an informational video warning parents about the possibility that their kids will pick up edibles from strangers’ homes instead of actual candy. We’re not talking about brownies or other types of cake. Dispensaries in Colorado also carry a range of actual candy that’s bought in bulk and then sprayed with marijuana hash oil, a mix of essential oils and resins from the marijuana plant. When presented with the edible and the regular candy, the two are virtually indistinguishable, making it easy for someone giving out treats to mistake one for the other.

The thing with edibles is that they can be dangerous for just about anyone who eats too much. Their potency, for the most part, is unregulated and unlabeled, and eating too much can result in hallucinations and panic for up to eight hours. In April, 19-year-old University of Wyoming student Levy Thamba visited Colorado during spring break, and ended up dying after running off a fourth-story hotel balcony. It was his first time trying marijuana, and edibles at that. Doctors have also reported multiple cases of marijuana “overdose” among kids.

So, as responsible parents, it’s up to you to make sure your kids have a boo-rilliant, marijuana-free Halloween.