Every company wants a product that will just explode off the shelves. And Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham, Wash., got just that — literally, with its latest product, marijuana-infused pomegranate sparkling soda.

The drink, known as Legal, first came on the market at the store on the evening of Sept. 28 with a shipment of over 300 bottles coming in around closing time. A friend of the store’s, a few employees, and two customers bought the sodas to try them out and took them home, reporting no problems.

But store owners John Evich and Zach Henifin knew something was up the next day when they entered the store and got a whiff of pomegranates in the air. The cardboard boxes containing the product were now “wet” and “bent out of shape” with broken glass inside.

“That’s when we realized what happened,” Evich told Medical Daily.

Evich though says only a small number of bottles exploded and that no damage was done to the store and that no one was hurt. He and Henifin purchased a steel box to store the sodas, wanting to ensure customer safety. But the confined space only made the situation worse.

“Because they were enclosed inside, it amplified the explosion,” said Evich, who added that the impact from one explosion caused other bottles without the problem to crack and spill their contents.

The cause of the explosions in some of the bottles as opposed to the rest stemmed from a high amount of yeast inside them, according to Mirth Provisions, the company that manufactures Legal. "It was simply the fact that his batch had a higher yeast concentration, and one of the byproducts of yeast is excess carbon dioxide," said Adam Stites, the owner of Mirth, to Hemp.org.

The bottles have since been removed from the shelves and returned to Mirth Provisions. Top Shelf Cannabis, along with two other stores that reported the same issues, will be refunded, though Top Shelf still plans to bring them back once the problems have been fixed, according to Evich.

“We just can’t wait,” he said. “We’re excited to have him [Adam] perfect the product. He’s a pioneer.” He maintains that the store holds no hard feelings toward Adam and is confident he will prevail with his product.

“It’s definitely got a punch to it. The problem is it’s got too much punch,” laughed Evich, jokingly.

Legal is also produced in other flavors, including rainier cherry, cold brew, cold brew with milk, and sugar and lemon ginger.