For centuries now, we have been trying to make the bitter pill taste sweet. So, it was only a matter of time when someone made a sweet sipper to administer medical marijuana. Yes, pot has gone pop. And how? A Colorado-based soda company, Dixie Elixirs, has developed “soda pot” as a healthy option for patients who do not want to smoke medical marijuana in an effort to beat the “reefer madness” stigma linked to smoking weed. The new pot-laced soda pops enables the patients to now medicate through the cold, refreshing taste of a soda.

According to a company spokesperson, the carbonated beverage provides an organic alternative for patients seeking a refreshing but equally potent alternative to smoke and tinctures or carb- and calorie-loaded edibles. The soda is now available in the dispensaries of 14 States of the Union where recreational marijuana is accepted as a legitimate substance to tackle nausea, chronic pain, vision disorders and other health issues.

The Dixie Elixirs bottles (available in 12-ounce recyclable bottles) are explicitly labeled with a giant marijuana leaf. And there are eight flavors to pick from including lemonade, sweet tea, pink lemonade, strawberry, orange, grape, and root beer. But that doesn’t mean any average Joe can get his hands on the soda. To buy the drinks, you have to have a legitimate card from your doctor.

The idea behind developing the pot pop was to have an effective alternative that dispels discomfort, enhances the mood and controls nausea and persistent muscle spasms and chronic pains. The drink is already gaining popularity in the medical marijuana circles, as it is convenient and tasty—the soda is not only easy to drink but also saves their lungs as it needn’t be smoked anymore.

Users report that the drink dulls the pain even though it doesn’t completely get rid of it, but they prefer to use it in lieu of narcotics as they have worse side effects than marijuana. The users give it thumbs up on taste and its different flavors. Surely a sweet relief!