An annual United Nations report on drug use reveals which countries smoke the most marijuana.

The United States, Canada, Nigeria, and Australia rank the highest, with over 10 percent of the population, ages 15 to 64, admitting to using the drug. Western Europe also has high rates of marijuana use, but did not rank in the top category. Countries with low use rates include Ecuador, Paraguay, Turkey, and Romania.

Despite much of America’s marijuana coming from Mexico, the country has a surprisingly low rate of use, according to this data. In the United States, the lower perceived risk of cannabis use has led to an increase in its use, cites the United Nations. However, overall the global cannabis use has decreased, particularly in Western and Central Europe.

The World Drug Report 2014 includes various information about drugs, ranging from production to trafficking, as well as, consumption. Chapter one of the report provides a global overview of the latest developments with respect to opiates, cocaine, cannabis, and amphetamines and the health impact of drug use. Chapter two looks into the control of precursor chemicals used in the manufacture of illicit drugs.

The report revealed the cultivation and production of cannabis herb, “marijuana,” remains widespread, but the production of cannabis resin, “hashish,” remains confined to a few countries in North Africa, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia. It is difficult to estimate the global levels of cannabis cultivation and production because it is so widespread and ranges from personal cultivation to large-scale farm and indoor warehouse operations. While this report is considered to be the 2014 edition, it should be noted that data from many of the countries is older than 2008, which is indicated by black dots on the map. Also, many countries in Africa and Asia did not provide information, which is indicated by a gray color.

cannabis map
Photo courtesy of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Photo courtesy of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime