A student from Berlin, Md., has been charged with three counts of disturbing activities at school and three counts of molesting a school administrator (non-sexually), after he mailed packages of animal feces to the school’s vice principal.

The unknown male student sent packages to his vice principal, Mark Flynn, at Stephen Decatur High School, the Delmarva Daily Times reported.

The senior started mailing packages containing dog and cow feces to Flynn on April 30. It is not known why the vice principal was targeted. When Flynn received the packages, he notified a school security officer, a sheriff’s deputy, and then the post office. A few days later, he delivered two more packages to the vice principal, and those, too, contained fecal matter.

"We do promote a respectful and positive learning environment. Any inappropriate or disruptive or illegal activity is not acceptable," said Barb Witherow, a spokeswoman for Worcester County Schools, the Delmarva Daily Times reported.

The student, after being identified via his license plate number, was arrested on Monday by local police. The teenager has been suspended for the maximum time allowable — 10 days. Witherow is still not sure why the vice principal was the recipient of these packages.

The seemingly disgruntled teen is not the first person to use fecal matter for revenge. In February, a St. Louis man sent bags of cat feces to a local firm after his job application was rejected. Jevons Brown, 58, sent the 20 bundles because he felt he was getting the short end of the stick when it came to the company's hiring process. He was then arrested and charged with mailing injurious articles.

Mailing fecal matter is not completely illegal to mail according to the United States Postal Service. It has to be for lab testing or other medical purposes, and there are strict guidelines in order to ensure the safety of the postal workers and the receipt of the package.