Car company Mazda has recalled 42,000 of its Mazda6 sedans due to the fact that they tend to become a nesting ground for spiders. These creepy insects are attracted to this particular car model, but Mazda officials and insect specialists really have no idea why.

Three years ago, Mazda recalled 52,000 cars in the U.S. due to the same exact problem, then installed a spring and software fix that might prevent the spiders from crawling in by reducing pressure on the fuel tank. However, according to Slate, Mazda did not install this “fix” in the new models.

According to Mazda spokespeople, this particular breed of spider, known as the yellow sac spider, somehow is wildly attracted to crawling into the gas tank, where they nest and build webs. “The yellow sac spider is attracted to the hydrocarbons in gasoline and can find its way into a fuel tank hose,” Mazda spokesman Jeremy Barnes told CNN. Once they are inside, the spiders weave silk webs, blocking airflow, thus creating a fire hazard. Though there haven’t been any fires reported to date, Mazda has received several complaints about the spiders.

The car company will be recalling Mazda6 sedans from 2010, 2011, and 2012, yet have offered no conclusive evidence as to why the spiders enjoy those particular models so much.

"It's unclear why this particular spider — the yellow sac spider — seems to prefer the model year 2009 and 2010 Mazda6,” Barnes told CNN. “Maybe they just like cars that go 'Zoom-Zoom.’ We honestly don't know."