It may be the most expensive combo the Golden Arches has ever sold: A Pittsburgh employee at McDonald’s was busted Wednesday for dealing heroin via the restaurant’s drive-thru window, CNN reported.

Undercover police officers arrested Shantia Dennis, 26, after she attempted to sell them heroin inside their Happy Meal, which cost $82 — $2 for the Happy Meal, $80 for the heroin. Police reported that Dennis had been instructing customers to use the phrase “I’d like to order a toy” to signal the purchase. Upon her arrest, officers also found 50 additional bags of heroin, as well as a small amount of marijuana, according to the complaint police filed.

“It’s possible this could’ve been given to somebody else with a child in the car, who legitimately was buying a happy meal,” said Chief Gregory Geppert, of Swissvale Police, according to CNN, “and then it’d be very dangerous for a child to get this heroin.”

Dennis is charged with two counts of possession, one count of criminal use of a communication facility, one count of prohibited acts of delivery, and one count of possession with intent to deliver. Arresting officers opened their Happy Meal box to find 10 stamp bags of heroin tucked inside.

When local Pittsburgh news affiliate WXPI questioned Dennis whether she had been selling the drugs as officers contend, she replied, “No, I was not.” Attorney information for Dennis was not immediately available Wednesday.

It is unlikely the combo is part of the chain’s ongoing mission to reduce kids’ meal calories, via healthier sides like less French fries and fresh fruit. McDonald’s declined to comment on the case.