It'll always be tough for life-long meat eaters to switch to a vegan or a vegetarian diet. For one, old habits die hard, especially if they're delicious habits such as sinking your teeth into a succulent, freshly grilled steak oozing with juices and flavor.

Another reason: meat eating and veganism or vegetarianism seem mutually exlusive, meaning liking one means forsaking the other. Hardly any research has been conducted on the effects on the body of a meat-eater that suddenly adopts a vegan or vegetarian diet.

This challenge was taken up by WeAreFeel, a British multivitamin brand that seeks to make people healthier, happier and more productive by reinventing the multivitamin. It now markets a new dynamic multivitamin named Feel Multivitamin.

WeAreFeel claims to offer a safe and natural multivitamin delivered to customers when they need it every month. It says its products are alternatives to industry-standard multivitamins currently on the market.

WeAreFeel is produced by Feel Holdings Ltd. Now, WeAreFeel challenges meat-eaters to temporarily give up their meat-eating lifestyle and eat fruits and vegetables instead. As an added salve, these people will get paid a tidy sum for their sacrifice.

WeAreFeel is searching for five people to take part in a three month-long study that aims to uncover what type of deficiencies a person will experience if one turns to veganism. It also wants to ascertain how its products can help to support these changes.

WeAreFeel is offering $2,600 (£2,000) to each participants that will abstain from eating any meat or meat products for a full three months. Each of the five volunteers will also need to take vitamins, including B12, iron, folate, iodine, vitamin C and vitamin D. The participant will have to take a weekly blood sample from a finger prick test.

Researchers will measure how a volunteer's body copes with switching to a vegan diet. They will then introduce vitamins free from all animal products, plus gluten and allergens.

Anyone can apply as long as they are between the ages of 18 to 60. Volunteers also musn't have any pre-existing health problems such as diabetes and obesity.

"The development of our products is the most important thing to us as a business and brand – we’re dedicated to creating quality multivitamins that actually work, and as with all of our products, we’re constantly looking at ways to develop them further," Boris Hodakel, WeAreFeel founder, said.

He said his product has shown incredible benefits for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans, but the company still wants to find out just how good it is at fixing some of the common deficiencies caused by a vegan diet.

"These tests have been planned for a while, and after turning vegan recently myself, I can’t wait to see the findings," Hodakel said.

Red Meat
Organ meat sourced from animals grown in nature is rich in several nutrients. Pixabay