It seems that blonde is never out of style and on dating websites blonde bombshells are picked more often than any other hair color.

A new survey revealed that men are 6 percent more likely to pick blonde bombshells over glossy brunettes when choosing a date.

Sadly for brunettes, the survey, which analyzed what people look for when choosing the perfect date, found that brown was the least preferred of all the other common hair colors like blonde, black and red.

Statistics from UK dating site show that while only 24.6 percent of all women on the site are blonde, 27.2 percent of the most popular profiles were blonde women. Brunettes, however, make up 39.2 percent of total profiles but comprise of only 35.8 percent of the most popular profiles.

Raven-haired beauties were preferred after blondes followed by fiery redheads and lastly mousey brunettes.

Besides hair color, the survey revealed that 27 percent of men prefer curvy females while only 2 percent of males prefer supermodel bodies. The survey also revealed that both men and women would pick a nice face over a killer body when picking a potential partner.

Researchers found that the two most popular features of a potential lover are having nice eyes and a cute smile. The survey revealed that 22 percent of men are looking for a woman with nice eyes and 20 percent are drawn to women with a cute smile.

However only 8 percent of the men listed a good backside as one of the most important features and just 7 percent said that great breasts are a must-have asset.

Like men, 25 percent of women wanted a man with nice eyes and 22 percent wanted a man with a sexy smile, compared to just 2 percent of women who reported that a six-pack was the most important physical feature to a man.

Experts say that mainstream media could be the reason why people generally seem to prefer blondes over brunettes.

"Society has created this blonde versus brunette divide," Psychologist Dr. Simon Moore, of London Metropolitan University said, according to the Daily Mail. "Far more blondes than brunettes appear on our television and movie screens, so we're going to be conditioned to finding them more attractive. The more we see something in our daily lives, the more we like something."

Moore explained that the survey indicates that men realize that the runway supermodel look in unrealistic.

"People are quite realistic generally speaking," he said. "Men know that supermodels are doing a job and that being skinny is part of that - it's not representative of most women."

Moore said that people may also be subconsciously looking at a woman's hip to waist ratio, which indicates their fertility and suitability for child bearing. He also believes that being attracted to nice eyes and a smile was nature's way of helping people pick out a happy partner.

"It's true that the eyes are the window onto the soul. We've learnt that we should pay attention to people's eyes and smile," he said. "It helps us to pick out a happy person, who's not going to be stressed all the time and will make a supportive partner."