The preventive measures that are taken by the government nowadays can take a toll on a person's mental health, especially those that are in their teenage years. The COVID-19 pandemic opens a teenager's eyes to both the success and failures of the people in different organizations and, most notably, the government.

Amid this crisis, it may be hard for teenagers to process everything all at once, and anxiety, isolation or depression may develop if not addressed immediately. As a parent or guardian, it's essential to let the teens at your household know that they're not alone and that people care for them.

Here are ways you can help protect the mental well-being of teenagers:

Make them feel validated and important

Teenagers have different reactions when faced with a difficult situation. Whether they have an exaggerated response or not, being heard and told that their opinions are valid makes them feel valued and acknowledged.

Ask about what teens know about the issue and educate them

A person's panic may stem from having the wrong information. Be proactive and ask about their opinions about the COVID-19 pandemic. If you think they have a false notion about the global issue, take the time to educate them and direct them to reliable sources.

Refrain from showing your anxiety

A parent/guardian can influence the way a teenager acts in many ways, even without both parties noticing it. If you start showing them that the virus outbreak causes you to panic, have mood swings or have anxiety attacks, they may develop a similar reaction to the situation. Try your best to keep a calm and collected demeanor.

Always assure teens of your support and love

Remind the teens at your home of the times that you, as a family, overcome other stressful situations like calamities, storms or even simple problems at home that you resolved together. Remembering how you went through tough times reminds the children of the love and unity you have when you work together as a team.

Staying in and reducing contact with the outside world can have detrimental effects on a teenager's emotional and mental aspect. These measures force everyone to keep it together amid the pandemic. You can contribute and help your teenager go through this experience by taking note of the tips mentioned earlier.