Meet Mick, the eight-week-old Boston Terrier who has captivated millions by standing for the first time in his life. Mick suffers from swimmer puppy syndrome, a condition that causes an abnormality in a dog's chest and abdomen which prevents him from standing up properly.

Although it has a cute ring to it, swimmer puppy syndrome is no laughing matter among dog lovers. Animals that suffer from this disorder are born with a flat chest and abdomen, leaving them unable to stand or walk.

Some dogs born with the rare complication eventually die from having too much pressure in the chest area. Unfortunately, around 90 percent of dogs born with swimmer puppy syndrome are euthanized simply because breeders don't know of any other solution.

A breeder in Oklahoma decided against euthanizing poor Mick and decided to send him to the Mia Foundation, a non-profit organization created to give animals born with birth defects a fighting chance. Following hours of surgery which involved dipping Mick into a tub while supporting him with a harness, he started to show improvement.

Sue Rogers, founder of the Mia Foundation, worked with Mick through four 15-minute sessions per day to help the dedicated pup establish balance and muscle strength, the Huffington Post reported. She even taped his little legs together to get him used to the feeling.

"Ninety percent of all animals born with birth defects are euthanized at birth. They are a lot of work and sometimes they are very expensive, so sometimes people think it's just easier to put them down," founder of The Mia Foundation, Sue Rogers told WHAM. "When he first came, I didn't know if there was anything I could do for this puppy, but he proved me wrong."

How has Mick's life changed since starting this innovative treatment? Check out the video below, but don't forget a handkerchief.