Women who have had repeated miscarriages or had experienced stillbirth are more prone to suffer a myocardial infarction or heart attack later in life compared to those who never had the condition, a study had shown.

Doctors and their colleagues in Germany found out that having one stillbirth at least, increases risk of heart attack 2.65 times, as compared to having had more than three miscarriages, and nine times as susceptible to heart attacks before they can adjust to other types of risk factors.

The future population-based co-team study, otherwise known as EPIC-Heidelberg, has involved a group of women from 35-66 years of age where 25% had experienced at least 1 miscarriage, 18%, with one abortion case, and 2% had a single occurrence of stillbirth.

In a period of a ten year follow up, eighty two of the women had suffered from either myocardial infarction or heart attack and a total number of 112 had gone from a stroke.

Those who had experienced three miscarriages, tended to be on the heavier side and those with stillbirth occurrences were found to be more inactive physically and have the tendency of contracting high blood pressure and diabetes, both of which are risk factors for stroke or heart attacks.

Abortion was not found to have any connection with the mentioned risks, researchers reported unlike women who had multiple miscarriages or those with stillbirth incidences who are at higher risk. More than 3 miscarriages accounted for being nine times more in danger of myocardial infarction. Even if adjustments were done, the risk is still there and is pegged at five times more.

The researchers enabled themselves to estimate that miscarriages increased the risk of heart attack by forty percent; women who had miscarriages more than a couple of times heightened their risk four times more. Women who had unplanned pregnancy losses are the most highly susceptible to this risk in later years of their lives. It is therefore wise to know to reduce the risk of pregnancy loss.

Eating the right kinds of foods might help in promoting the health of the fetus and the condition of pregnant women. It is right to say that eating fruits, vegetables, and other foods with the right nutrients, can help in reducing this type of risk. Women with risk or none at all should be aware of the things that she has to do to take care of her own welfare as well as her child’s own.

There is a link between lifestyle, the food you eat, and miscarriage. What a pregnant woman eats, the baby in her stomach eats too. If she stays late at night, the fetus is likewise awake and could never sleep or rest. It is up to the conceiver if she wants to give the right kind of health to her baby or not. Conscious as she is of the potential danger she gives to her body and much more to her unborn child could define the future of both her child and herself.