For those struggling with chronic pain, relieving the pain becomes a number one priority, and if the medication does not suffice, there are several mistakes that they make in order to quell the blinding pain that might feel as if one is being torn apart.

However, in taking desperate measures to kill the pain, one will also find that certain mistakes made lead to complications that should be avoided from the time they take these painkillers. So here is a list of mistakes to avoid when one takes pain pills:

Mistake #1: Two are always better than one

This popular adage might be true when it comes to other things but when it comes to painkillers it is a bad idea to two as opposed to the prescribed limit of one. While one might consider this course of action to speed up relief, nothing can be further from the truth.

You will have to give your medication time to work, and whenever you wish to go over the prescribed limit, remember that there are complications that can occur from such actions.

Mistake #2: Drinking and taking painkillers

Despite the fact that most painkillers have a ‘no alcohol’ sign, people tend to take these medications while also drinking beer (which is assumed to be not as bad as liquor – and which isn’t the case) not realizing that both these substances enhance each other’s effect. In the case of some medicines like ibuprofen, drinking along with taking this painkiller can lead to bleeding ulcers.

So, the bottom line is that no alcohol means, absolutely no alcohol.

Mistake #3: Painkiller interactions with other drugs

Before taking a painkiller, always think about the other drugs that you are taking at the moment. Since these drugs can interact, this means that the end-result can mean complications that you will not be ready for. Hence, it is important that one informs their doctor of all the other medication that is being taken so that they can prescribe a safe painkiller which does not interact with the others.