Lauren Scruggs, the 23-year-old American model and fashion editor who was hit by the propeller of a small plane on Saturday, took her first steps on Wednesday.

Scruggs' family told ABC News that Lauren took her first walk at a Dallas hospital with the help of a therapist. Halfway on her walk she said the number "30". Her family asked her what she meant and the model replied "steps." Apparently she had been counting each step she took.

Scruggs' recovery has been surprising. The paramedics that responded to treat her said they didn't expect her to survive the accident.

"We honestly didn't expect her to survive just for the extent of the injuries and with the laceration she had on her head...the skull fracture. We thought that for sure there was going to be significant brain damage. I was praying as soon as I got up there," one of the paramedics told ABC News in an interview.

Scruggs landed at a private airport in Texas after flying in a small airplane to view the Christmas Lights in the area. She climbed out of the airplane and in the darkness walked toward the propeller while it was still moving.

She lost her left hand and received facial and shoulder reconstruction. Her family said they are praying so that she can recover her left eye.