Hair color. A cleft chin. Penchants for reading and smart comebacks, though she’ll never cop to that last one. Daughters can trace the obvious back to their mothers, but what about their mental health state? Could they get depression from their mommas too?

A growing body of evidence, both animal and human, that people may be hardwired to experience mood disorders has experts working to pin down what causes them. Dr. Ben Michaelis, a clinical psychologist in New York City and author of Your Next Big Thing, told Medical Daily — “there’s no doubt about it.” Mental health is in the genes. Both parents influence childhood development, but to Michaelis, the relationship children have with their mother can be more salient and meaningful. A result, probably, of the fact women incubate offspring (hi, hormones) and tend to have fewer children than men.

Factors other than just genetics and the environment in which a child is raised are at play here. Young girls can internalize mothers’ social behavior and cues for better or worse, as well. View the slideshow to learn more about how it could potentially affect their mindset and well-being.