Cardio and muscle training are a big part of Krista Grubb’s life, so when her 13-year-old son Mason Halye came to her with the interest of starting a workout program of his own, she was understandably eager to help out. The mother-son duo began a rigorous fitness routine that came to an abrupt end after her membership at LA Fitness was revoked for allegedly training other gym clients.

"Through lifting weights and working out, I gained a lot of confidence," Grubb told Fox13 News in Tampa Bay, Fla. "I was really excited to see him lift and see the changes in his body I saw in mine."

So, Grubb and her son started their workout regimen, which the boy described as a good bonding experience with his mother. Last week, however, upon returning to the gym, she learned that her membership had been canceled for training other clients. Although she is an experienced fitness trainer, she maintains that the two were working out together as mother and son, not as trainer and client.

"One of the trainers approached me and asked what I was doing. I told her I was working out with my son," Grubb explained. "He said the notes say you were training people here, and we have trainers that customers pay for.” She has not received a refund for her recently renewed membership and has received no response from LA Fitness’s media relation team.

This is not the first time LA Fitness has asked someone to leave their facility for bringing their own training partner. Aflreda Buh, who was left without the use of her arms and legs following an accident 30 years back, was also asked to leave LA Fitness after she brought her physical therapist, Peter Parente, to the gym. Due to the hard work of both Buh and Parente, she eventually began to regain feeling in her extremities. However, the manager thwarted more progress when he decided to revoke her membership, since Parente was not a paid LA Fitness employee.

"I have seen her every morning for five years. I workout hard, but she is my motivation. There is nothing that motivates me more than seeing what she does because that is true progress," Parente told CBS12. "It's sick. It's sickening."