A mixed-breed dog who lost his four paws after being stricken with frostbite has been given a second chance at living a normal life with his new prosthetic paws.

Naki'o was rescued as a pup after his former owners abandoned him in a foreclosed Nebraska home.

During the winter, rescuers of an animal center found him in a puddle with all four paws and the tip of his tail frozen. Naki'o received full medical attention, but the severe damage from frostbite cost him his paws and left him lame and unable to walk and play. This lowered his chances of finding a new owner.

However, a veterinarian assistant Christie Pace from Colorado Springs saw Naki'o needed a new home and life. Without hesitation, she adopted him at 8-weeks-old and began scouting organizations who could help Naki'o walk again.

"I have a soft spot for rescue animals in general. I was looking for something different, unique," Pace told Metro news.

"I wanted to make more of a difference than a regular dog. I knew I could help him out."

So Pace organized a fundraiser with the help of Ortho Pets, a Colorado-based company that specializes in veterinary orthotics and prosthetics, to get rear leg prosthetics fitted for Naki'o. The effort paid off, and they were able to afford prosthetics that cost between $930 and $3,100.

"When we saw how good he was doing with his back leg prosthetics and how he was struggling to use his front legs it was very simple to say, "we gotta keep with him,"' Martin Kaufmann, owner of Orthopets, told Metro.

So they fitted two more prosthetics for his front paws.

Naki'o's surgeries went without a glitch. A medical pioneer, he's believed to be the first "bionic" dog, with prosthetics on all fours.

Pace says he's now able to play and begin living a normal life again.