Dancing with the Stars contestant Nancy Grace was voted off the program on Tuesday but she was nonetheless able to lose 23 pounds during her 8-week run.

On Monday night, Grace and her partner Tristan MacManus trailed other contestants by at least seven points and stood on the verge of elimination.

At the top of the scores were actor J.R. Martinez and his partner Karina Smirnoff with 60 points. Martinez became the first contestant in the show to earn a perfect score.

As of Monday, she was still positive.

"It's not over yet! We love u & thank you for all your continued support!" she wrote in a Twitter post.

Weight Loss

The 51-year-old TV host and mother of twins said her tight schedule between her full time job and the show has even taken her hunger away.

"I've lost 23 pounds," she says, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "It's incredible. I didn't even try. Frankly, it's not a good diet. It's the 'I'm too tired to eat' diet, which I don't advise to anybody."

But Grace also attributes her weight loss to her increased physical activity. She previously called her weight loss a "side effect" of dancing and has continuously attributed it to commuting to Los Angeles to take part in the show.