More than 1,200 patients are admitted to the hospital for smoke-related illnesses a day. This accounts for one in 20 hospital beds that are taken up by patients who are suffering from smoke-related conditions.

A new study released by the National Health Service's Health and Social Care Information Centre has revealed some surprising smoking statistics.

In England between 2010 and 2011 there were 460,000 people admitted to the hospital due to an illness caused by smoking. Of those patients 126,200 were suffering from respiratory disease, which equates to one infour patients suffering from such a condition. Another 165,300 patients were diagnosed with circulatory diseases, such as heart disease.

However, between 2011 and 2012, 816,000 people set a quit date with the help of the National Health Services. Half of those individuals were successful in their goal in just four weeks.

According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre, chief executive Tim Straughan, more than 150,000 adolescents will begin smoking between the ages of 11 and 15.

Research manager at the charity Action on Smoking and Health, Amanda Sandford, feels with the combination of the statistics revealed by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, and the amount of individuals who are seeking assistance to quit smoking, it is apparent that most smoker would like to quit, but it is challenging to do so. Sandford believes the habit of smoking is the largest addiction that is the cause of several severe but preventable diseases and deaths.

In light of the High Court of Australia approving the "plain packaging" laws, many such as Sandford hope this would increase pressure on ministers to follow suit. She stresses the importance of assisting adults in their quest to quit smoking, in hopes of eluding the younger generation from falling victim to the same harm conditions.

The British Heart Foundation, spokesperson Maureen Talbot hopes by following in Australia's footsteps, they will be able to reduce the appeal of tobacco products.

Nevertheless with such alarming statistics regarding smoke-related conditions, nearly a quarter of a million Britons signed the petition against "plain packaging."