Would you like to own Neil Armstrong's EKG reading during his historic July 1969 moon landing? If the inclination arises, the unlikely piece of NASA memorabilia is being auctioned at PR Auction.

Armstrong passed away just last August at the age of 82 due to heart surgery complications.

The same Armstrong EKG originally sold for $12,500 back in 2004. The New Hampshire auction house has started the bidding at $200 this time around; the medical document is expected to sell at three times that amount for around $10,000, Fox News reported.

An EKG or electrocardiogram is used to track the electronic signals produced by your heart to identify any cardiovascular conditions. While Armstrong was watching his step on the moon, NASA technicians were watching his vital signs back down on earth.

Ironically, the Apollo 11 commander recorded a moderate heart beat during his momentous first steps on the moon.

The six inch strip of paper features a description stating, "EKG Recordings Taken As Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong Took Man's First Step On The Moon." It also features the Elapsed Ground Time "4:13:24:28" and Armstrong's signature.

This item is part of a larger auction block featuring a constant wear garment worn by fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin and a joystick controller used by both Aldrin and Apollo 11 passenger Michael Collins.

The online auction will begin May 16 and will stay open until May 23.