McCann Paris had a pretty strange concept for her breast cancer awareness PSA. After being fitted with a “bra cam,” Paris went through her day while capturing all the men and women — and dogs — who stared at her cleavage that day. With October (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month) coming up, we can only expect a number of different campaigns that will urge women to check themselves for breast cancer. Hopefully, they will have more to do with breast cancer and less to do with confirming something that everyone knew: men stare at boobs.

By the end of the video, Paris has counted 37 people — and animals — who have stolen a glance at her boobs. A description that flashes up on the screen reads: “Your breasts are checked out every day. So, when was the last time you check your own? Checking your breasts regularly helps prevent breast cancer. #CheckYourSelfie.”

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, women of all ages should perform a breast self-examination at least once a month. Women should perform their self-checkup in the shower, in front of a mirror, and lying down just to be sure. Breast cancer experts provide “how to perform a breast self-exam” instructions for any women new to the process, and there’s even a step-by-step video. Around 40 percent of breast cancer diagnoses are made after a woman feels a lump during her breast self-exam.