Netflix makes it easier than ever to access movies, television shows, and documentaries — all you need is a subscription (or friend's password) and a means of viewing. It also makes it easier to access casual relationships, hence the popular phrase "Netflix and chill." The phrase has become so popular that the company was interested to see if it was indicative of its viewers' behavior.

The company surveyed 1,008 of its 40 million American subscribers aged 18 to 29. Nearly 75 percent of respondents considered watching Netflix to be a casual date option, and 51 percent considered password sharing a relationship milestone. While 17 percent said they would not share their password until they were married, 58 percent said Netflix was an opportunity to bond with a significant other.

Netflix users streamed 42.5 billion hours of content in 2015, half of which was spent binge-watching whole seasons of shows. Out of a small sector of those viewers, 25 percent reported feeling more attracted to another person based on the shows they watched — a psychological effect known as "show goggles." The term, which is meant to be a play off of beer goggles' ability to alter attractiveness based on intoxication, was coined by Netflix.

Past research, however, supports this idea of a link between television use, sexual behavior, and relationship status. A 2010 study published in the journal Sexuality & Culture found the more television young people watched, the more likely they were to have experience with casual relationships compared to committed relationships. Researchers hypothesized it could be because media influences and teaches viewers how to engage in risky sexual behavior; though it could also be because viewing time gives people an excuse to be together.

If you are using Netflix as a means to "chill," another body of research led by an NYU psychology professor published in the journal Social Psychological & Personality Science found hooking up can actually boost self-esteem and overall life satisfaction.

So maybe binge-watching a mini series does do your psyche and relationship some good. You can check out Netflix's complete findings in the infographic below.