U.S. Preventive Medicine Inc. has launched a new mobile health and fitness app designed to personally monitor a user’s health by assessing their health risks and tracking daily activity.

The “Macaw,” health and fitness app, which is available for free on iPhone and Android devices, was announced at the 3rd annual mHealth Summit just outside Washington D.C.

While anyone can use the app, some features are only available to members of the company’s wellness plan.

The company’s chief executive, Christopher Fey, calls the app “the ultimate mobile health hub, enabling users to improve their individual health outcomes while potentially lowering healthcare costs."

The company says the app is based on “the clinical science of preventive medicine and is universally designed for people who exercise regularly as well as those who are novices when it comes to physical activity.”

Macaw’s Features Include:

  • 7 questions to quickly assess your health
  • GPS to track exercise
  • Ability to set goals and track weight and calories
  • Reminders about recommended preventive screenings based on age and gender
  • Activity and knowledge cards that unlock chances for weekly prizes

Additional Features for Prevention Plan Members:

  • A link to the Prevention Score, a unique tool that tracks an individual's prevention efforts and key health indicators throughout the year
  • Activity auto-uploaded to The Prevention Plan
  • Exercise, weight and calories tracked

The app was designed Fjord and can be found in the iPhone App Store and the Android Market by searching for “Macaw.”

The wellness plan, known as ‘The Prevention Plan’ is integrated into the app, showing users a personal ‘Prevention Score’ and integrating data between the mobile app and the Plan's online health management platform.