A new app comes to the rescue for women struggling to conceive.

The Glow app, built for the iPhone by the co-founder of PayPal Max Levchin, is a fertility tracker that could tell couples when they have a better chance of conceiving based on ovulation cycles and even provides tips on picking out lingerie, reports AllThings D, a technology-focused website.

More than six million women in the United States between the ages 15 and 44 have a hard time getting pregnant or staying pregnant because of infertility. The chances are reduced if a women is 35 years or older. In fact, the success rates for women drop significantly from 35 percent when they're under the age of 35 to 10 percent when they're 40.

Levchin, inspired to develop the app after some of his friends said they had trouble with in-vitro fertilization (IVF), revealed Glow at the D: AllThings Digital conference earlier this week. During his presentation, he inserted information on his wife's menstrual cycle, which was soon represented on a color-coded calendar and colored pink at certain points to indicate the best fertility times.

The app also calibrates fertility based on the texture of cervical mucus. Normally, the most mucus indicates that a woman is at the peak of her fertility.

Another perk it offers during ovulation is the reminder to women to dress their best and wear appealing lingerie. And it doesn't leave out the men either, as it notifies them on their cellular devices to bring flowers for their partners.

"Many of the reasons why people find it difficult, when they're keeping on the clock, is because it becomes unpleasurable when it's a routine," Levchin told AllThings D.

Levchin added that this app isn't intended to only help women conceive, but also inform couples with data that could reduce long-term health care costs. He is now attempting to apply this health care cost reduction model into other health sectors.