Earthquake-battered Turkey suffered another sizable temblor on Tuesday as a 5.2 magnitude quake struck early Tuesday, the Kandili observatory said.

Already devastated by two power tremors – a 7.2 magnitude quake last month and a 5.7 quake last week – there was no immediate report of damage or injuries which struck Van province, Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman said.

The previous quakes flattened thousands of buildings, took 644 lives and left thousands homeless.

Gov. Munir Karaloglu said that many residents have fled because they fear going back to their homes even if they are not damaged and that very few state owned buildings survived the earthquake, the AP reported.

“It is a ghost city,” said Karaloglu.

“Almost none of the buildings are in use.”

Those who lost their homes in this tragic event have been suffering from the cold weather.

Several countries, including the United States and Israel have sent over tents and prefabricated homes, reported the AP.

But weather officials said Monday that temperatures dipped as low as -15 degrees Celsius, 5 degrees Fahrenheit, in the town suffering town of Ercis.

A 7-year-old handicapped girl who was living in a makeshift tent in Ercis died of pneumonia on Sunday, the HaberTurk Newspaper reported.

HaberTurk reported that the father of the girl claimed that he could not get a proper tent from authorities.

As reported in the Associated Press, Karalogu called on the country to show “even more mercy” from housing, to food, to warm clothing for those in need.