Web metrics company comScore, Inc. said Wednesday two out of every five videos viewed online are delivered by YouTube.

Nearly 1.2 billion people ages 15 and up watched 201.4 billion videos online globally during October 2011.

“As global broadband connectivity continues to rise, online video viewing has taken off in a big way and has become a fully integrated component of the digital content experience,” said Dan Piech, comScore product manager for video. “With the introduction of comScore’s global measurement of online video viewing, multinational media brands and advertisers can now gain a more comprehensive understanding of how online video reaches audiences around the world.”

Google Sites led as the top global video property with nearly 88.3 billion videos viewed during October, accounting for 43.8 percent of all videos viewed globally. YouTube.com accounted for more than 99 percent of those views.

China-based Youku, Inc. was the second largest video property globally with 4.6 billion videos viewed in October, followed by VEVO, which accounted for nearly 3.7 billion videos.