Wearable technology has been the latest craze to track fitness, and Friday, a smart T-shirt, which has the ability to track your every move, went on sale.

OMsignal, a Montreal-based company, publically released the pre-sale of its bio-sensing tees. The shirt can track heart rate, breathing rate, breathing depth, activity intensity, steps walked, calories burned, and heart rate variability.

The tech tee also tracks everyday lifestyle, including tension and fuel levels. Fuel level is how much energy you have throughout the day. Lastly, it can give you information regarding how optimal your breathing is and the amount of exertion being released while lifting weights at the gym.

The shirt can be worn at home, under work clothes, during everyday activities, and of course, during long workouts.

OMsignal co-founder, Stephane Marceau, told USA Today the shirts can “help motivate us to better ourselves every day. You would never drive a car without a speedometer, RPM, or fuel gauge, right?”

The OMsignal shirt can’t endure a swim in the pool, but it will hold up during an outdoor jog with light rain. The shirt itself is machine washable. Just be sure you don’t forget to disconnect the tracking module.

A single T-shirt with a tracking module costs $199. Additional shirts are $100 each. The tracking module is a small, black Bluetooth-powered box, which connects to a free app on any iOS platform. The module’s battery life can power through about 30 workouts before needing to be recharged. The little black box is also water-resistant and able to withhold sweat and regular fitness wear and tear.

The shirt comes in men’s sizes extra small through extra large, with five different color options and a choice of an undershirt, sleeveless shirt, t-shirt, or long sleeved shirt. According to OMsignal’s website, women’s shirts are coming out later this year.

This tech tee is just another name to add to the long list of wearable fitness-tracking products. Other products include: injury-prone sensing socks; temporary tattoos, which track fitness level; an ear piece, which acts as a fitness coach; and many others.

Check out OMsignal’s official promotional video below. To preorder your shirt today and receive it this summer, visit OMsignal’s website.