Have you had one too many drinks? Don’t remember how many shots you took or how many beers you chugged? No worries, there’s a new app that will keep track for you: Alcohoot.

“The app connects to your alcohol breathalyzer via your headphone jack, and you blow for about 4 seconds and it shows you your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and it also shows you the legal limit in your GPS location for drunk driving, and apart from showing you your BAC and the numbers, it also explains in context what this number means,” Ben Biron, Alcohoot co-founder and chief marketing officer, told Medical Daily.

Your BAC shown on the device is based on the number of drinks you’ve consumed, age, weight, and height.

“Alcohoot engages smart drinkers who aspire to discover their personal limits,” Lisa Willey-Knierim, Alcohoot CEO, said in a press release, “and to use that insight to empower greater enjoyment, while remaining in control whenever and wherever they are enjoying a drink. Smart drinkers are looking to extend the experience in a way that will let them start the next day refreshed and with great memories.”

Photo courtesy of Alcohoot Photo courtesy of Alcohoot

The app will also let you know the location of nearby restaurants to grab food and relax; the location of nearby taxis through connections with Uber, Hailo, Lyft, and Taxi Magic; and, show a personal history graph of tests to see if your BAC is increasing or decreasing.

The app assists you in finding your “perfect BAC” by analyzing past drinking trends and using algorithms, so you can drink smarter next time. The next morning after you drank, there will be a two-question quiz asking about how you felt the night before.

There are currently other breathalyzer smartphone devices available, like this one on Amazon for $49.95, which is half the price of Alcohoot, $99.99.

In an interview with Medical Daily, Biron said:

There’s actually a big difference between our product and the product you found on Amazon for $50, our product has two different sensors and breathalyzers. One is the one police use and is called fuel cell. It is also equipped with a pressure sensor and pumping system. And these sensors are completely accurate, very specific and have long working life. And the one that you found is called semi-conductor, and it tests and picks up different things, not just alcohol, like gases, perfumes, and hairsprays. They are a lot cheaper and have a shorter working life. There is a huge difference in the technology, and our product is able to provide police grade accuracy as opposed to just a cheap toy.

Alcohoot is a registered entity with the FDA and has a partnership with Pernod Ricard USA, who is the creator of brands like Absolut Vodka, Jameson, and Malibu.

You can order an Alcohoot breathalyzer through the company’s website and Amazon. The device comes in black, white, and red. In addition to the breathalyzer, the package includes one USB charging cable and eight mouth pieces. The battery provides power for 500 tests before having to be recharged with the USB cable.

Check out how Alcohoot works and see if people know how alcohol affects their body: