When Kadisha Telemaque began a social media campaign to fulfill her daughter Damiyah “Miyah” Telemaque-Nelson’s wish of meeting her celebrity idol Nicki Minaj she did not expect how quickly both of their prayers would be answered. With a little help from Washington Wizards star John Wall, Operation #helpMiyahMeetNicki became a success on Sunday, helping the 5-year-old cancer patient put aside her condition for at least a day.

Miyah is currently suffering from a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma known as Childhood Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Also known as noncleaved cell lymphoma, this rapid form of cancer located in the lymphatic system generally develops in the abdomen before spreading to other organs and eventually reaching the brain. She is currently receiving multiple forms of treatment including chemotherapy, dialysis, and spinal taps at Children National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

Back on March 7, Wall posted a video to his Instagram account asking his fans to help Miyah meet Minaj and get one of her infamous pink wigs. Shortly after #PinkWig4Miyah began trending on social media sites, Miyah got the response she was looking for:

On Sunday, the result of Wall and Minaj’s collaboration was posted to the pop star’s Instagram account. A photo of Miyah striking a pose while wearing one of Minaj’s pink wigs has already hit over 100,000 likes, and deservedly so.

Although the brave young girl may still face a daunting path in her battle against cancer, meeting her hero and heroine has certainly given her an inspired sense of hope.