Diabetes is known as Prameha in Ayurveda. Prameha literally means excessive urination. Ayurveda believes that it is the essence of life going out via urine in diabetic patients. Ayurveda classifies diabetes as a metabolic disorder caused by vitiated Kapha dosha. It also suggests that the primary causes for the disease are lifestyle habits and consumption of high fatty foods and drinks.

Purification and rejuvenation of the body systems are the recommended therapies for diabetes in Ayurveda. Ayurveda primarily advise diabetes patients to switch to a diet with limited protein, carbohydrate and fat intake.

As a measure to purify the body systems from unwanted and harmful chemicals and substances, Ayurveda recommends some food tips:

1) Take fresh juice of bitter gourd or rose apple or holy fruit leaves or bark of neem tree or jamun tree in empty stomach.

2) Ayurveda gives a special emphasis on fresh juice of Indian gooseberry/jamun fruits in diabetes context.

3) Use turmeric powder while cooking food (Modern scientific researchers also suggest that the regular use of turmeric powder just before food reduces the insulin dependency in insulin dependent diabetes.

4) Have fresh juice of Aloe vera. It is effective in preventing the complications of diabetes such as neuropathy.

5) Take water soaked seeds of fenugreek in empty stomach.

6) Avoid excessive intake of sweets, rice and dietary products like rice, potato, sugar, sugarcane products, sweet and slime fruits.

7) Consume lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Include roasted fried barley, corn, barley porridge, barley soup, and ghee in the diet.

8) Take plenty of green vegetables, black gram, soy, fish etc.

9) Copper water: Put one cup of water into a copper vessel at night and drink it in the morning.