Feeling sleepy during regular hours is a problem that impacts most of us. The reasons for such behavior could range from a simple case of seasonal flu to something more complicated like sleep apnea or similar stress related disorders.

Taking a cat nap after lunch or before the evening coffee break could bring back the alertness, but a better bet would be to find ways to ensure that you stay awake during the day. We present nine simple, natural and extremely useful ways to stay awake:

1) Take a break: Look away from your computer screen for a few minutes periodically to relax your eyes is a good start. Continuous fixation on a computer screen can cause eyestrain and worsen sleepiness and fatigue.

2) Move around: Get up and take a brisk 10-minute walk, if you feel sleepy at a wakeful hour. Walking energizes your brain and muscles.

3) Boost energy: Have energy boosting snacks. Avoid sweet and sugary snacks. Even though sugary drinks are good at first for giving you a high it could also lead to invariable low energy levels.

4) Conversation: Begin to talk to a colleague about anything that could stimulate your brains and help you to push off the overhanging sleepiness.

5) Bright light: A dim-lit environment can make you sleepy and tired. Try to switch on the lights and make your surroundings brighter.

6) Deep breathing: Take a deep breath whenever you feel sleepy. Deep breathing can pump more oxygen to your head and boost energy levels in the body.

7) Water: Drink plain water because dehydration can cause tiredness and fatigue.

8) Exercise: Mark at least 30 minutes a day for exercise. Morning exercise can keep you active and fatigue-free throughout the day.

9) Napping: You can take a nap lasting for duration between 5-20 minutes to rid yourself of the overwhelming effect of excessive sleepiness, if necessary.