Skin is often considered the index of ageing and nobody wants to look old. A good andsupple skin can defy the ageing process while a dry and wrinkled one can make you lookmore aged than you actually are. Therefore, preserving the skin's texture and smoothness isevery woman's dream.

Unfortunately there is no panacea for stopping the natural ageing process. Still you can tryout certain simple things that may delay the process through preserving your skin. Here's alist of a few simple things that can help you appear forever young:

1) Drink plenty of plain water. Water helps keep the skin hydrated. A well hydrated skinlooks younger. Dehydration can make the skin look drier and tighter, which thenleads to wrinkles. Try avoid drinking too much water at one go. Divide it and drink atregular intervals throughout the day

2) Direct exposure to the sun for long hours could tan the skin. So, long exposure tosunlight on a daily basis is a strict no-no. You can also use a suitable sunscreen andwear protective clothing, gloves, hats, sunglasses when you go out into the sun

3) Your skin always mirrors what you eat. Diet plays an important role in having youngerlooking skin. Fad or weight loss diets could make the skin look dull and tired. Foodrich in Vitamin-C such as oranges, lemon, grapefruit, and mangoes can make theskin look younger and shinier. So are veggies and grains. Multi-grain bread, oats,avocado can also help to keep your skin smooth and shiny. Certain fishes likemackerel and sardines as well as dairy products are considered to slow down theageing process of the skin

4) Regular exercise for half an hour a day is beneficial to the overall improvement ofyour health. Good health can reflect via younger looking skin. Exercise increasesblood circulation which makes the skin glow besides helping rejuvenate the skin

5) Keep the skin clean. Wash your face more than two or three times a day. You canuse a cleansing lotion according to the skin type. Try to avoid hot water baths as itcan dry up the skin and lead to wrinkles

6) Quit smoking. Smoking plays a role in speeding up the normal aging process.Smoking could also make your skin sag and wrinkle

7) Cut down of beverages like coffee. Some caffeine containing drinks are found toharm the skin cells.

8) Massage your skin with smooth oils and saffron to keep it soft and

9) Last, but not the least, sleep at least for seven to eight hours every day.