There are several reasons why one might suffer from a weak joint or from joint pain, and which could stem from an incorrect posture while sitting to even lifting or carrying heavy loads.

As excruciating as the discomfort or pain involved with your joints are, one can take good care of their joints by being aware of the following tips:

Keep your weight under control

Most people who are obese or overweight often tend to have joint pains. So, if one manages to keep their weight under control, the chances of getting joint pain are less likely.

Low-impact exercises that build muscles

Exercises such as cycling, swimming and aerobics have been known to reduce swelling of the joints as they are low-impact exercises and focus on movement which impacts flexibility and fitness of one’s body in a large way.

Avoid exercises that involve lifting heavy weights

While using weights (such as dumbbells, kettle bells and barbells) for exercise can cause joint pain, one should perform these types of exercises in moderation.

Eat bone-strengthening foods

Calcium and Vitamin D are essential to having strong bones that, in turn, strengthens the body and helps one maintain their balance better especially in situations when one might fall. Oranges and glucosamine (which contain Vitamin C and antioxidants) are a good option as they prevent osteoarthritis and protect joints as well.

Understand the importance of maintaining the right posture

Maintain the right posture while sitting or carrying and lifting heave loads are very important to the prevention of joint pain as they will protect the hip joints and back muscles

Use an Ice pack

If you have swelling in the joints, then using an ice pack on the affected areas can relieve pain.

Safety comes first. When performing high-risk activity such as biking or rollerblading, ensure that you have adequate protection in the form of a helmet, knee protectors as well as pads that protect your elbows and wrists. In preventing injuries with safety equipment, one can also reduce stress on joints.