In a place where people go to treat their illnesses and recover, the spread of germs is highly prevalent. One in 25 patients in U.S. hospitals acquires an infection during their stay in the hospital, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but getting hospital workers to sanitize regularly has been a tough endeavor. To mitigate the bacteria problem, the British studio Agency of Design for Altitude Medical, created “PullClean,” a door handle that dispenses hand sanitizer when pushed.

“This is taking some of the visual language of a fire exit paddle, to try and make it say “push me,” Rich Gilbert, a co-founder of Agency of Design, Wired reported. The creators of the paddle sought to find a solution that makes it easy for people to sanitize their hands, without forcing them. The irony is that the handle is a vector, or source of infection, but the PullClean can be a simple and effective way to help stop these infections.

“We wanted to make the interaction as simple as possible, trying to make it almost subconscious,” Gilbert said. “You’re already holding it, so you might as well use the other hand to dispense sanitizer.” An additional feature to help hospital administrators is that the sensors are connected to a web application, which will report how frequently sanitizer is dispensed, compared to how frequently the doors are opened. The handles will cost $200 and will start shipping later this year.