Befuddling as sex can get in the best of circumstances, it turns out there are plenty of ways it could be that much more disastrous for us.

As the above video by Alltime10s illustrates, there’s no shortage of rare medical conditions that can afflict the physical and mental aspects of sex.

For instance, you could come down with persistent genital arousal disorder, a condition where people, typically women, can’t help but feel constantly on the edge of orgasm, no matter how unwanted or inconvenient that might be. Conversely, men are more likely to suffer hypersexuality, a still somewhat controversial addiction that compels sufferers to compulsively engage in sexual behaviors such as mastrubation or watching porn for up to twelve hours a day.

On the flip side, there’s vaginismus, a condition that leaves women unable to have any penetrative sex without excruciating pain. The muscles of the vagina involuntarily clench up, sometimes completely, whenever an object ventures up there, even making the use of tampons impossible. For men, there’s priapism, a vascular condition in which the blood-filled penis refuses to go flaccid, even following ejaculation and orgasm. Fun as that might initially sound, the condition, in rare cases, can cause the penis to become gangrenous. Which, ow.

Without spoiling the video any further, it’s easy to say these conditions will make you glad that your sex life is as plain as it is.