It’s the moment mothers and feminist groups have been waiting for — a “normal” Barbie is set for production. Back in July, Medical Daily brought you the scoop on the new brunette doll, created by graphic designer Nickolay Lamm. Since then, the Pittsburgh artist has launched a crowd-sourced project to help cover the costs of tooling and molding, but also to meet the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity. Lamm has started taking pre-orders for the first production run of “Lammily.” People who order now will receive the doll by November 2014.

Lammily has drawn attention for her realistic female body proportions. Modeled after a 19-year-old woman, she’s shorter than Mattel’s Barbie, for one, but she also has a wider waist and hips, a thicker neck and torso, and her head is smaller, in proportion with the rest of her body. She also stands flat on her feet — since no woman goes through life solely wearing heels. Although fans have sharply contrasted the doll with Mattel’s Barbie, Lamm has, in fact, worked with former Vice President of Manufacturing at Mattel, Robert Rambeau, in selecting a manufacturer.

The Lammily “Exclusive First Edition,” not sold in retail stores, comes with a blouse, denim shorts, white sneakers, and a large “Average is Beautiful” poster — to perhaps instill the idea in little girls that impossible physical standards... are just that.

Lammily wears minimal makeup. Nickolay Lamm
The doll with "normal" proportions stands flat on her feet and comes with sneakers for her workout gear. Nickolay Lamm
Lammily can switch into heels, but it's nice to know she has the option for flats. Nickolay Lamm
Lammily has wider hips and waist than Mattel's Barbie. Nickolay Lamm