A woman from West Fargo, N.D., snorted hydrocodone on June 13, and then proceeded to breastfeed her 5-day-old infant, falling asleep afterward. When she woke up, the baby, Avery, wouldn't.

That woman, 32-year-old Reanne Pederson, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to negligent homicide in the death of her son, according to the NY Daily News. Pederson says the baby didn't die from the drugs, which she admits to using. She believes she accidentally smothered him in her sleep.

Avery's grandmother (on the father's side) told local news station Valley News Live that the five-year prison term the charge carries isn't enough. "That morning I called social services and the West Fargo Police Department called me," the grandmother, Lisa Miller, said. "And I said, 'As far as I'm concerned, if anything happens to him, she killed him.'"

It's unclear whether a single snort could've metabolized into Pederson's breast milk so quickly. According to studies on the effects of hydrocodone in nursing babies, harm to the baby is more likely if a mother has been taking high doses for a while. The drug is commonly prescribed to treat postpartem pain.

In in the journal Breastfeeding Medicine, doctors published the results of a study in which they tried to determine how much of the drug excretes into breast milk. Based on two case studies, they concluded, "Neonates and preterm infants may be more susceptible than older infants to adverse effects of hydrocodone and its metabolites in breast milk." In a more recent study, doctors said normal doses of hydrocodone are fine, but that "prolonged use of high dosages is not advisable."