For decades, scientists have thought that nuclear war could cause a lot more damage than the bombs themselves. The effects from a “nuclear winter” — which would be caused by a layer of smoke and dust in the atmosphere blocking the sun's rays — could be more deadly for humans than any weapon of mass destruction.

In Life Noggin’s video, “Could Humans Survive A Nuclear Winter?” director and narrator Pat Graziosi explains the findings of an imagined nuclear war.

Researchers discovered that hypothetically dropping 100 nuclear bombs, all about the size of what the US unleashed on Hiroshima, would not bode well for human survival. Environmental consequences would be decreased surface temperature on earth and major losses in the ozone layer, which could result in a global famine.

“So, if it’s 100 bombs or less, it is possible that you could survive the famine and other consequences of increased exposure to UV radiation,” Graziosi explains. ”But if there is ever a nuclear war that is larger, the ensuing nuclear winter may be more devastating.”

Want to know more about how nuclear war could potentially impact humans? Watch the video above.

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