Despite a slow economy and high unemployment rates, some of the fastest growing jobs are in the healthcare industry - more specifically for registered nurses (RNs). An increasing number of adults are looking to enter the expanding healthcare field, and many are benefiting from online education through The College Network, which enables participants to accelerate their path towards a college degree or professional certificate.

The College Network provides customers with a variety of academic solutions through its growing list of partnerships and affiliations with respected universities and professional associations. Through the use of Comprehensive Learning Modules students are given the tools to test out of college courses without having to attend classes on campus. The credits are transferred to a university where the student will complete the remainder of his or her program online.

One of the problems nurses face when deciding to earn their degree is the long program waiting lists. These lists can range from six months to three years, making it difficult to receive the education necessary to advance. There are no waiting lists with the programs offered through The College Network, allowing nurses to get started immediately.

With the help of The College Network, LPNs and LVNs are able to complete an Associate of Science in Nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing while they continue to work. Once they have earned the RN license, The College Network also partners with universities to offer programs such as RN to BSN, RN to MS in Nursing, and MS in Nursing.