New revelations alarmed DEA on prescription medicines sold by Medicaid patients eventually finding their way in the streets. Reportedly, these patients line up to get their prescription meds at Medicaid offices and clinics and give way to a lucrative drug business and their number one patrons are the street dealers.

Medicaid prescription drugs are sold nearly at a thousand dollars per 60-pill bottle at 80 mg per unit. This business has mushroomed so far and is considered to be a good venture to those who prey on the patients who own the Rx drugs.

One of the patients has been monitored by the DEA, from secretly recording a telephone conversation she had with her dealer. The activity entailed lining up at the doctor’s office and gets the medicines that she needs, upon the guidance of the dealer and arrange the time and place of the rendezvous where the sale will take place. It was observed that the patient pretended to be in pain just to be given the nod of the physician, a requirement that she needs in claiming the medicines that she is scheduled to deliver to her buyer.

It is sad to know that these patients are on Medicaid; it is a fact that only those who are on the low-income resource levels can avail of this government aid and yet these benefits are being sold and used to generate other income. Poverty is a not a reason for one to benefit on this program. Whatever other reasons there are for those who misuse this benefit, it is still a matter of fact, money spent by the government; and they sell them for added income.

This unfair act is intolerable that is why the DEA is stepping on the drive to prevent this in becoming a worldwide conglomerate or the like. This is considered as an illicit drug business. Medicaid pays for all prescriptions and doctor’s fees of these bold and daring patients; the buyers on the other hand are like vultures that prey on dead carcasses—and the latter are in the persons of the naïve-looking, business-minded patients. As this illegal practice had become rampant, regardless of location, may it be within the city limits or suburbs, there are no limits to the trade.

One of the favorite buys is OxyContin, a 12-hr pain relief drug that is highly prized by drug addicts. Once ingested, injected of snorted, gives a somewhat heroin high. After its introduction in 1996, this drug has become a top prescribed pain reliever in the whole of the US. Due to this, the FDA has signed an approval for the manufacture of another of its kind that has harder coating, harder to crush, inject and snort.

Selling prescribed drugs in the streets, created quite a stir sending alarming and devastating effects on both the DEA and FDA; adding the US government to make them three. Medicaid is aimed to help patients who cannot afford and not to make underground businessmen out of the benefits they get from the government