Police have charged a New York City McDonald’s cashier with assault after beating two irate female customers with a metal rod on Thursday morning.

Court documents said one of the customers had a fractured skull requiring surgery and a broken arm. The second individual suffered “substantial pain and laceration,” according to court documents.

Rayon McIntosh, 31, was charged with first and second degree assault, and third degree criminal possession of a weapon. The two women were arrested on charges including menacing, according to the Associated Press.

The document states the defendant was previously convicted of manslaughter.

A police officer cites a video showing McIntosh swing the rod multiple times in the direction of the customers. He then continues to swing the rod in the direction of the fallen individuals.

A video posted to YouTube captured the incident. Initially, a woman is heard speaking in a loud voice. The footage shows the cashier appears to dodge, as other patrons at the restaurant back away.

The employee is seen running away out of view of the camera. One customer jumps over the counter. The other goes around the counter to the left. The patrons then converge on the passageway where the employee entered.

He approaches the pair wielding a rod and begins to swing as both patrons fall to the ground, behind the counter outside of the view of the camera.

The employee continues to swing the rod. Another McDonald’s employee attempts to restrain the rod-wielding employee. However he resists and swings again before the video ends.