New York City has changed its kidney donors’ program in order to allow recovery of the said organs from people who died from heart attacks outside its hospitals. This new program, which was launched by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, together with the NY Organ Donation Network (NYODN), tended to override rules that seek to restrict kidney donations to people who had died of cardiac arrest within the hospitals.

It is said that this pilot program could help in testing a process that has the ability to transform the process of donating organs in order to save a lot of lives. Under the program’s umbrella, a team called Organ Preservation Team or OPT will be the one to respond when cases of cardiac arrest is imminent, or when the person who died was registered as a donor. The bodies will be then moved to Bellevue Hospital to await approval of the nearest relative of the deceased prior to transplant.People in the know are very much optimistic of the outcome of the program as they know that this will succeed. Some had even thought of it as an effective and a very well-organized way of honoring the donors’ wishes and making these organs at an arm’s reach to save lives by transplant.

The NYC Fire commissioner was also quoted as saying that this novel plan would be of benefit to both receiving the new organs and those who want tom purposely donate in the event of their death.

The Department of Health Resources and Services Administration (DHRSA) is funding this program with a $1.5M grant and covers the area of Manhattan, running until the month of May when it goes under review for some possible expansion.

There are now around eight thousand people in New York who are waiting for organ transplants. In the whole of the US alone, a total of 109,000 wait for the availability of organs and are queued for transplant operations. In every day waiting, the list is held longer as there are new names added to the roster every thirteen minutes. There are approximately six thousand five hundred people who die every year due to the unavailability of organs for the transplant, or that no transplant had even taken place.

There has to really be a serious arm and concern to take care of this program as this getting quite serious and programs like these would not take long for it to get less popular; they can even be abhorred by the public as they might get disillusioned by what is happening. The lives of the people of every state or country have to be preserved thus, all necessary measures or means have to be concocted or thought of just to prevent massive loss of lives.