More technology, more problems. That’s the sentiment that many Americans feel since the dawn of the technological boom. The constant struggle to protect our identities from a cyber attack is an all too common occurrence.

The Toronto-based company, Bionym Inc. is creating a bracelet that tracks users’ heartbeats to unlock their devices — in lieu of a traditional password. The Nymi bracelet, as it's called, uses what is known as an electrocardiogram sensor, which is basically a device that uses the human heart to measure electrical signals.

As soon as you put the wristband on, it starts authenticating you and keeps doing so until you remove it. If someone else tries to use the bracelet, it locks that person out. According to the promotional video, Nymi can also open a trunk door, start-up your computer, and pay your morning coffee.

The product is in its very beginning stages and Bionym claims that the bracelet is “both tamper-proof and impossible to duplicate." According to the company, Nymi uses Bluetooth Low Energy, which allows it to transmit your heartbeat data. You can also customize program notifications for e-mail, text, social updates, and more.

The first 25,000 people can pre-order Nymi for $79 dollars; shipping is expected to start in spring of 2014. The bracelet comes in three colors — white, black and orange.

Take a look at the promotional video: