Adriana, the mystery woman who became the face of the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces, is speaking out after her face was removed from the site. She says that the people who mocked and altered her photo after the unsuccessful launch of the site were cyber bullies.

"They have nothing else to do but hide behind the computer. They're cyberbullying," Adriana told ABC News. "I'm here to stand up for myself and defend myself and let people know the truth."

Adriana is from Colombia, but has lived in the United States for six years as a permanent resident. She lives in Maryland with her nearly 2-year-old son and her husband, who is already a citizen. She is currently applying for citizenship, but will still be eligible for health care under the Affordable Care Act because of her permanent resident status.

Adriana says that she is not a professional model, and she took the photo knowing that it could possibly be part of the promotion of the Affordable Care Act. But when the website’s launch was riled with glitches, delays, and crashes, her face on the main page became the go-to for comedians and critics of the site and the law. Adriana said she was shocked by how insensitive the public could be.

"Like I said, it was shocking. It was upsetting. It was sad. We were having a hard day when we read all this," said Adriana. "And in a way, I'm glad that my son is not old enough to understand, because you know, whatever happens to you, it hurts them too."

And when Adriana’s photo was taken down from the main page, the mystery surrounding who she was and how she became the face of the site became the subject of widespread speculation. Adriana, who some referred to as “Obamacare girl” had vanished, and everyone wanted to know why. She was replaced by icons and graphics showing “4 Ways to Get Marketplace Coverage.”

But for Adriana, having her face taken down from the site marked a return to normalcy.

"That was a relief," she said.

Watch Jon Stewart mock Adriana and below: