The city may have taken away their park camp but they have not taken away their passion for change as protesters continue to take action.

Hundreds of protestors marched through the streets of the financial district Thursday morning, blocking traffic while chanting, "All day, all week, shut down Wall Street!"

Police wearing riot helmets arrested several protestors at Nassau and Pine streets a block from Wall Street, CBS News reported.

Passer-by Gene Williams, a 57-year-old bond trader, joked with CBS and said that, even though he’s “one of the bad guys” he feels for the demonstrators.

"They have a point in a lot of ways," he told CBS.

"The fact of the matter is, there is a schism between the rich and the poor and it's getting wider."

Protestors for the movement against economic inequality plan to continue their actions two days after hundreds of protestors were cleared from Zuccotti Park an act that Mayor Bloomberg said was for “health and safety of the public” because the “health and safety conditions [at Zuccotti Park] became intolerable.”

The protestors have rallied near the New York Stock Exchange and plan to make their way to the subways before they gather together in downtown and march over the Brooklyn Bridge as they promise that thousands will join them on a day that they’re calling an international action.

As reported by Bloomberg news, the crowds along the New York Stock Exchange, have been at their largest levels since the start of the movement.

Police and news helicopters have been hovering over the financial district since early Thursday morning.