Sanitary conditions at the center of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City have become “unacceptable,” the private company who owns the park says.

Hundreds of protesters have been gathering at Zuccotti Park, owned by Brookfield Office Properties, for more than two weeks since the protests began. The park, which is open to public use, is located a few blocks away from Wall Street. It is also just steps from the World Trade Center reconstruction site.

Many of the protesters have been sleeping on the premises, with police standing by in bunches along the edges of the park at all hours.

In one incident captured on video September 20, police entered the park area to remove large tarps reportedly protecting electronic equipment from rain. A police spokesman said the tarps were being used in violation of the sanitation code. Arrests of several people were made on the scene.

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation says tents are not generally allowed in Manhattan and require permission from the Special Events Office.

“Because many of the protesters refuse to cooperate by adhering to the rules, the park has not been cleaned. ... As a result, sanitary conditions have risen to an unacceptable level,” a Brookfield spokeswoman said in a statement on Monday, according to Reuters.

Brookfield says it “recognizes people’s right to peaceful protest; however, we also have an obligation to ensure that the park remains safe, clean and accessible to everyone,” according to Capital New York.

The company says it would continue to work with city officials “to address these conditions … and restore the park to its intended purpose.”