If you’re going to spend a ton of hours at work every day, you should at least make the place as healthy an environment as possible. But you can’t exactly turn your desk into a gym or a lush, green forest. That’s where plants could come in.

“The furnishings, upholstery, building materials and cleaning products used in an office can emit several indoor air pollutants,” farming and gardening expert Jodi Helmer writes on Fix.com. “Indoor air quality is also negatively affected by outdoor pollutants, such as pollen, bacteria, and mold. The indoor air may quality be worse in an office because of inadequate ventilation, especially if it’s located in an older building.”

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Houseplants and their potting soil could serve as natural air filters in your office, taking the nasty stuff out and putting more oxygen into your area. Even NASA says so.

They may also cut down on illnesses like colds and sore throats, and research suggests they may reduce stress and improve work productivity.

“Plants do more than make an office pretty,” Helmer writes. “That’s a lot of benefits from a small plant.”

5 Best Office Plants For Air Quality — The Benefits of Office Plants

Source: Fix.com Blog

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