When we fall asleep, lying in the pitch black darkness of the night, our dreams provide the windows to our subconscious, revealing our innermost thoughts and emotions. Our dreams accurately depict our desires and make us act in ways that we would consider unthinkable in real life. Analyzing our dreams and understanding the basis of dreams will help us get a better sense of self. To answer all our dream inquiries, from whether or not animals dream to the impact a person’s snoring has on their dreams, “All Time 10s” video counts down the 10 strangest facts about dreams.

10. In a typical lifetime we spend over six years dreaming. People have several dreams each night, with each one lasting for between five to 20 minutes.

9. Anger and fear are among the most common emotions seen while dreaming. Fear is considered to be a common emotion reported in both nightmares and bad dreams.

8. Most people have an average of four to seven dreams every night.

7. All animals dream too. Mammals share the same neural structures that are important in sleeping and dreaming.

6. If you are snoring you cannot be dreaming

5. Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Eating cheese before bed does not give you bad dreams. Tryptophan – one of the amino acids found in cheese – is known to reduce stress, and induce sleep.

4. When lucid dreaming you control the dream and can do anything — like fly. People try to lucid dream to manipulate their dream worlds to dream about something in particular. Also, people seek to lucid dream to solve a problem, or end a particular nightmare.

3. You forget about 90 percent of dreams within 10 minutes of waking up.

2. We only dream of what we know. Faces are based on people we have seen before.

1. Pioneering research means scientists may soon be able to record your dreams.